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Monthly HealthRISC Overview | Alaska Board of Pharmacy

In efforts to enhance regulatory efficiency and streamline communication, the Alaska Board of Pharmacy recently implemented modifications to its licensing regulations. Adopted 6/15/23, and effective 7/1/23, wholesale drug distributors operating in Alaska are now required to notify the board within 30 days of any changes in name, address, or ownership. The newly effective regulation eliminates the need for wholesale distributors to undergo the time-consuming process of applying for a new license, all in all fostering a more effective regulatory framework. Additionally, the revised regulations update the terminology of “Facility Manager” to “Designated Representative,” and adds Manufacturer as a license type.

Let's be REAL, the regulatory compliance space is complex, making it difficult to track changes such as the Alaska Board of Pharmacy's newly effective regulations regarding changes of ownership. That's why we offer a monthly reporting service capturing any and all regulatory changes so that you can be prepared for what’s next. Start a subscription today to HealthRISC: Drug Supply Chain, and stay compliant with confidence and ease.


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