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Happy 2 Year Anniversary RSG: A Letter From The Founders

On October 1, 2021, REAL Solutions Group was officially formed - and what a ride it's been! Since then, our team has assisted over 125 clients achieve NABP accreditations, provided licensing compliance support to 20,000 + pharmacy and drug supply chain licenses, and supported licensing changes of ownership for $14.2B in mergers and acquisitions. Join us in celebrating this remarkable success, as founders, Marty Allain and Logan Macy, express their gratitude to everyone who has played a pivotal role in making RSG what it is today.


Logan Macy

Chief Operating Officer


"It's our 2-year anniversary, and I can't help but wear this big grin as I think about how far we've come. Seriously, time has flown by faster than I'd like to admit! Looking back, it's a rollercoaster of memories - from the "aha" moments that sparked our journey to the "uh-oh" moments that taught us some of our best lessons. Oh boy, have we learned and grown! We're not just a company anymore; we're a tight-knit crew of go-getters, dreamers, and doers.

Our success? It's all about the people. Our team is the heart and soul of RSG. Their "I had an idea" messages, the dedication that goes beyond the job description, and the team spirit that turns challenges into triumphs - that's what makes us shine.

As we blow out the imaginary candles on this 2-year birthday cake, I'm not just looking back, but forward. There's so much opportunity out there with our name on it, and trust me, we're headed there with the same excitement we had on day one. Happy anniversary, REAL Solutions Group! Here's to us, to the memories we've created, and to the adventures yet to unfold."

Marty Allain

Chief Executive Officer


"We started out focused on one thing: accreditation support. We built a small team that could do that well. Then we started to grow into other service areas (legislative tracking/reporting and licensing and pharmacy SOPs, and our team of experts grew along with us. Then we learned the people we worked with had even MORE expertise and we started to develop and grow into more services. Everything we threw at our team, they handled.... REAL well. Our services are a product of team's talent and ingenuity.

Then we operationalized all of our work thanks to some hyper talented, driven professionals that understand process and efficiency on levels that escape me. From HR to accounting to marketing to customer/staff support, our systems are, as the younger generation says, "fire".

RSG is a service operation and we are only as good as the dedicated, driven, and caring team that we work with. Thank you to our team for helping us navigate and succeed and grow in our first two years. It's been a lot of fun!"


Happy Anniversary RSG, what a great 2 years it has been - and we are just getting started. Thank you to all our employees, contractors, clients, and partners that have contributed in RSG's success. We couldn't do it with out you!


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