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Helping You Stay Compliant

We offer drug supply chain and pharmacy industry clients flexible, deliberate, and quality consulting services.

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Our Story

Prior to REAL Solutions Group, Marty Allain served as the Executive Director of NABP Solutions, a subsidiary of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP).


Soon after NABP Solutions began operations, clients began requesting additional services from NABP Solutions, including licensing compliance support, temperature mapping, staff training, and general regulatory support including legislative tracking and reporting.

As NABP Solutions’ evolution into a comprehensive consulting service continued, NABP determined that dissolving the consulting business and entrusting it in the hands of a wholly separate organization would promote continued expansion, growth, and development of novel compliance-based services for its clients.

On September 30, 2021, REAL Solutions Group officially acquired the assets of NABP Solutions LLC.

Our Mission

The REAL Solutions Group team is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality of service to achieve a culture of compliance. 

Our Values

The REAL acronym stands first and foremost for who we are as a service provider including Regulatory, Expert, Accreditation and Licensing support, but it also means so much more. Our core values serve as the foundation of who we are, making an impact on all aspects of our business, whether internally or externally.

These values influence the way we communicate and work with our team, support our clients, and give back to our communities. Not only do the following core values define what we find important at REAL Solutions Group, but also serve as an internal guide for our actions and beliefs.


We keep our promises. Through the consistency and delivery of our work, we always honor commitments.


We are innovative and quick-witted in our approach to finding valuable solutions for our clients.


We really know our stuff. Our team consists of industry experts with decades of experience.


We are transparent in how we operate by communicating openly and authentically to our team and clients.


We respond with speed and precision, while remaining focused and serving our clients every step of the way.


We act with integrity. We not only listen, but act upon constructive feedback, constantly seeking growth and knowledge within our industry.


We lead by example within our industry and communities.


We develop impactful relationships by gaining the trust and respect of our clients and team.

We Set Our Standards High

"Excellent service, extremely knowledgable and supportive team."

-Wholesale Drug Distributor, New Jersey

"I would highly recommend REAL Solutions Group to anyone facing the challenges of NABP credentialing."

-Wholesale Drug Distributor, Wisconsin

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Suite 111-422

Vancouver, Washington 98683

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