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Prevent product loss with enhanced data 

REAL Solutions Group offers a comprehensive temperature mapping and assessment report in accordance with the United States Pharmacopeia - National Formulary (USP-NF) and the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines.


Your trusted resource to maintaining compliance

Ensure the quality and efficacy of your product with our temperature mapping services, all while maintaining compliance. Our team of experts will guide you through our comprehensive protocol that defines all the necessary requirements for your study - from the number and placement of monitors, to the collection and analysis of data - we’ve got you covered.


Minimizing risks & maximizing product integrity

Temperature mapping studies are performed to collect temperature data within product storage areas to qualify a facility for the storage of regulated product (within a specified temperature range). After the temperature mapping study is complete, a Thermal Profile evaluates any temperature variations over time within the facility to identify the warmest and coldest storage locations. The Thermal Profile also will recommend permanent locations for the routine temperature monitoring sensors.


Get accurate and reliable results

With our in-depth assessment, you’ll have the necessary tools to optimize your temperature control systems, including the following:

Temperature Identification

Identification of the warmest and coldest storage locations

Mapped Diagram

Diagram of monitor placement

External Temperatures

External temperatures during study

Sensor Placement 

Routine temperature sensor placement recommendations

Raw Data

Collection of raw data

Calibration Certificates

Certifiactes of calibration for the test monitors 



Temperature monitoring

REAL Solutions Grououp is proud to partner with Sonicu, the leading provider of automated monitoring solutions for temperature, room pressure, sound, and other environmental conditions for the healthcare, pharmaceutical, food, and life science industries.


Interested in our services?

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