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Logan Macy

Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder

Logan Macy is the Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of REAL Solutions Group. She is dedicated to fostering innovation and teamwork within our operational framework. Her multifaceted role includes the meticulous analysis of website traffic, optimization of business procedures, and a keen anticipation of evolving client needs.

Before assuming her current role, Logan served as the General Manager of Operations for NABP Solutions, a subsidiary of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP). In this capacity, she not only created and oversaw day-to-day business operations but also acted as a Project Manager for Drug Supply Chain clients. During her tenure, Logan played a pivotal role in assisting more than 45 facilities in obtaining NABP Drug Distributor Accreditation (formerly VAWD). Following the acquisition of NABP Solutions' assets by REAL Solutions Group in the fall of 2021, Logan seamlessly continued her commitment to client service during the transitional phase.

Logan places a strong emphasis on fostering teamwork within her organization. Her leadership style is characterized by an inclusive approach that encourages collaboration and synergy among team members. Recognizing the importance of cohesive teamwork in achieving organizational goals, she implements strategies to promote open communication, cross-functional collaboration, and a positive work culture. Logan believes that a strong and collaborative team is essential for navigating challenges, fostering creativity, and ultimately driving the success of REAL Solutions Group.

Logan is a graduate of the State University of New York at Oswego where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in public relations with a concentration in marketing. While in New York, she started her career in digital advertising sales and strategy for Advance Media New York, a Condé Nast subsidiary. More recently, Logan managed a multi-million dollar business division within one of the nation’s largest fintech companies. During her time there, she led her team to increase gross profits more than twofold by strategically restructuring supply chain operations, implementing modern customer service tools, and streamlining warehouse processes.


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