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Lawrence Mokhiber, MS, RPH


Larry Mokhiber serves as a consultant for REAL Solutions Group (RSG) on pharmacy and health-care related issues. Larry has a long and prestigious career in pharmacy, most notably serving as the Executive Secretary for the New York State Board of Pharmacy for nearly 30 years. Throughout that role, he led the pharmacy profession in New York State into the 21st century with initiatives in policy and legislation such as mandatory patient counseling, promoting electronic prescribing, and the modernization of pharmacist licensure examinations.


Larry led the Board of Pharmacy, which oversaw and directed regulatory issues for 21,000 registered pharmacists, 7,200 pharmacies, and nine colleges of pharmacy throughout the state. After leaving that position, he continued to cultivate a love of learning and the pharmacy profession by ushering in the next generation of pharmacists in his role as professor. He teaches courses at both Touro College of Pharmacy and the Albany College of Pharmacy Health Sciences, a role he thoroughly enjoys. Larry received his B.S. in Pharmacy from Albany College of Pharmacy and a Master’s degree in Health-System Planning and Administration. Through the years, he has received two honorary doctorates, which has been humbling. 

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