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Jennifer Baumgartner

Director of Program Management

Jennifer Baumgartner is the Director of Program Management for REAL Solutions Group where she manages the provision of licensing and accreditation consulting services to meet client needs and support achievement of the company’s programmatic goals and strategic objectives. With an interest and experience in promoting models of lifelong learning, Jennifer is a proponent of professional growth and development of the RSG team as integral to the company’s ability to provide high quality client deliverables.


Jennifer is a graduate of Purdue University College of Pharmacy and completed a psychiatric pharmacy practice residency and fellowship with the University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy. Upon completing postdoctoral training, Jennifer worked in health system pharmacy practice in the provision of patient care services, clinical drug trial management, and medication safety/quality improvement strategies. With an interest in regulatory and accreditation matters, Jennifer joined the Indiana State Board of Pharmacy as a Compliance Officer in 2007 and later served as Associate Director of CE Provider Accreditation with the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education for 12 years where she helped develop and implement a continuing professional development (CPD) platform and associated initiatives for pharmacy professionals.


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