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REAL Solutions Group LLC (RSG) provides regulatory consulting services for all aspects of drug supply chain and pharmacy regulation, licensing, and accreditation. 

Client Driven. Industry Focused.

REAL Solutions Group provides regulatory consulting services to the drug supply chain and pharmaceutical industry. We offer a multitude of services led by our team of experts, ranging from pharmacists to lawyers, all having extensive industry knowledge rooted from real-world experiences.

REAL Solutions Group staff have served over 100 clients in the past two years.

At REAL Solutions Group, we are genuinely invested in your success. We leverage our industry knowledge and expertise in order to help clients achieve their goals by providing practical solutions and confidence to help navigate the winding road to compliance.

REAL Solutions Group's combined expertise cuts across critical areas of pharmacy practice and regulation that define the complex environment of pharmacy practice and supply chain integrity. The combined talent and assets of REAL Solutions Group uniquely positions our clients to manage and proactively prepare for regulatory requirements and best practices that impact or influence clients’ ability to practice, conduct business, and remain viable. 

REAL Solutions Group staff have helped over 40 clients achieve NABP accreditation within the last 18 months. 

REAL Solutions Group staff have filed over 1,200 initial and CHOW licensing applications within the last two years.

One of our significant attributes is relationships within pharmacy practice and regulation across the US and globally. Relationships are invaluable in today’s world of real time demands, 24/7 connectivity, and an ever-expanding pharmacy environment that challenges traditional approaches and the status quo.

REAL Solutions Group staff have assisted in the review and revision of over 3,000 SOPs

We Set Our Standards High

"Excellent service, extremely knowledgable and supportive team."

-Wholesale Drug Distributor, New Jersey

"I would highly recommend REAL Solutions Group to anyone facing the challenges of NABP credentialing."

-Wholesale Drug Distributor, Wisconsin

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REAL Solutions Group offers a full dashboard of services and solutions for clients seeking assistance with pharmacy accreditations, licensure, regulatory challenges, expert witness services, and strategic planning.


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