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Newly formed REAL Solutions Group LLC announced that it has reached an agreement-in-principle to acquire the assets of NABP Solutions LLC from the consulting firm’s parent company National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP).


REAL Solutions Group LLC was recently formed by Marty Allain, who previously served as the Executive Director of NABP Solutions LLC. 


NABP Solutions was created to provide compliance-focused consulting services to pharmacies, wholesale distributors, digital health companies, and healthcare facilities seeking NABP accreditation. 


Soon after NABP Solutions began operations, clients began requesting additional services from NABP Solutions, including licensing compliance support, temperature mapping, staff training, and general regulatory support including legislative tracking and reporting. 


To serve these expanded client needs, NABP Solutions engaged experts to provide additional regulatory compliance support. As NABP Solutions’ evolution into a comprehensive consulting service continued, NABP determined that dissolving the consulting business and entrusting it in the hands of wholly separate organization would promote continued expansion, growth, and development of novel compliance-based services for its clients.

“NABP Solutions has grown rapidly and, in doing so, expanded to serve clients beyond NABP accreditation consulting. NABP and REAL Solutions Group believe that NABP Solutions’ clients will be best served by an organization operating independently of NABP,” stated REAL Solutions Group CEO Marty Allain, JD.

The transition of the assets to REAL Solutions Group is expected to be completed by September 30, 2021.  



NABP has agreed to transition the business to NABP Solutions’ Executive Director Marty Allain’s newly formed consulting firm, REAL Solutions Group LLC. 

Marty Allain is an attorney with over 20 years of experience helping clients and organizations navigate and succeed in complex regulatory and compliance environments.He began his legal career by helping small and mid-size businesses navigate regulatory matters. In 2005, Marty directed the Indiana Board of Pharmacy where he helped implement one of the country’s first, state-based VAWD requirements. He also served as director of Indiana’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program and as general counsel to the state’s professional licensing agency.

Marty joined the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy in 2013 working to integrate PDMP data into healthcare EHRs and pharmacy management systems. He is a subject matter expert in digital health credentialing for online pharmacy practice and telemedicine.


The transition period will allow the consulting business to continue to flourish with no interruption in service to its clients as Solutions’ current staff and associates will continue to provide the same quality support with the new corporation, REAL Solutions Group LLC. 

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