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Virgina Herold


Virginia (Giny) Herold comes to REAL Solutions Group (RSG) as a consultant with a successful career in pharmacy, most notably serving as the Executive Officer and Assistant Executive Officer of the California State Board of Pharmacy. Her work with REAL Solutions Group typically involves trouble shooting application issues that delay licensure.


Throughout her role with the California State Board of Pharmacy, she oversaw regulation of pharmacy and advocated for the interests of the public on emerging pharmacy issues, which includes matters of national and state leadership involving pharmacy licensure, enforcement, and legislation. This included overseeing multiple licensing programs, enforcement and disciplinary processes, legislation and regulation promulgation, licensee education and general consumer protection initiatives. In these roles, Giny managed and directed the activities of the board, its 130+ staff and resources to achieve the board’s public protection mandate by assuring that those licensed by the board meet established standards, and those licensees who violate laws are disciplined timely and consistently.

Additionally, Giny oversaw administration of the board’s $25 million annual budget, and represented the board at state and federal levels to secure board objectives. Advocacy duties included recommending policies or actions to respond to emerging issues from the board, policymakers, legislators, the media, and state and national representatives, while retaining the board’s leadership role in consumer protection. She led and inspired board staff to the highest level of performance and ethics, and coordinated activities with state and federal regulators to secure enforcement and public protection mandates. Giny possesses BS and MS degrees in Consumer Science from the University of California. Today, Giny serves on several pharmacy task forces and on her county’s grand jury. 

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