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Malcolm Broussard


Malcolm Broussard serves as a consultant for REAL Solutions Group (RSG) on pharmacy credentialing and compliance issues.  He practiced pharmacy for 20 years in a variety of practice settings, including hospitals, community pharmacies, and ambulatory infusion centers.  He then served the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy for 23 years as its executive director.  In that role he guided the Board through multiple hurricane recovery programs, development and implementation of the state prescription monitoring program, as well as implementation of the state medical cannabis program.


He has been active in local, state, national, and international pharmacy organizations. His service includes President of the Louisiana Pharmacists Association, President of the Louisiana Society of Health-System Pharmacists, and President of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.  He also assisted his state government’s drug policy activities as Chair of the Louisiana Commission on Preventing Opioid Abuse and as a member of the Governor’s Drug Policy Board.  Malcolm received his baccalaureate pharmacy degree from Xavier College of Pharmacy in New Orleans, and more recently, an honorary doctorate degree from Xavier University of Louisiana.


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